T L Cramer Associates LLC

Keeping your business on course with practical help
TL Cramer Associates LLC provides management advisory services to small and mid-sized businesses primarily based in Southeast Michigan and Northern Ohio.  We provide the very practical, very hands-on, very personalized help that small and mid-sized business owners and managers so desperately need, but so rarely get.
During our initial complimentary consultation, we provide you with an opportunity to share specific business challenges you face through an exploration of your business with your advisor.   Your advisor provides you with basic approaches and ideas of how we could help you deal with those challenges and begins to design a program specifically for you if appropriate.

The broad areas we may touch on during that initial complimentary session include:
  • Corporate Structure
  • Strategic and Operational Focus
  • Financial Management and Issues, including Accounting and Cash Flow
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Business Planning and Implementation
  • Human Resources and Administrative Issues
  • Key Management
  • Information Technology
  • Growth and Profitability
  • Your role, along with Personal Objectives
You will likely come away from that session with a clearer picture of what is needed and a number of ideas for how you can achieve what is necessary to restore your vision.
Our most common program is the Business Support Program, which provides you with a continuing, affordable approach that is designed with you to meet your particular needs.  The Business Support  Program typically includes a block of time spread over a number of months, that can be used in any way you want and for any issue or area you want to address.  It works best when you have a number of areas or just an overall "tune up".

We also provide assistance on a specific issue basis.  Whether it is start up or wind up or anything in between we would like the opportunity to help you make your business experience GREAT!

Our resources are available to help you meet the challenges of running a successful business. No huge fees, no swat team, no massive binders with "things to do".  Just practical, hands-on help from your business friend.

Contact us TODAY to set up your complimentary consultation.

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