T L Cramer Associates LLC

Keeping your business on course with practical help
About Us
TL Cramer Associates LLC was founded with the mission of providing that very practical, very hands-on, very personalized help that small and mid-sized business owners so desperately need, but so rarely get.

There are many things we ARE NOT

We are not a typical big box consulting firm.  We don't come in like a swat team, disrupt your business for several weeks and leave you with a thick binder of "things to do" and a huge bill.  We don't presume to know more about your particular business than you do.  We won't pass you around to multiple consultants who don't seem to understand your issues causing you to re-educate each new contact.  We don't have a pre-determined agenda or the "solution du jour".  We are not a turn around firm taking a slash and burn approach leaving you by the side to watch, although we do believe in accountability and results.  We are not going to make your business decisions FOR you.  We are not like other advisors you may have, like your CPA, your attorney, your banker who are focused squarely on one particular aspect of your business.

There are also many things we ARE

We are a firm with resources just like the big box consulting firm, but without the massive expense of supporting those resources.  We are dedicated to functioning in any manner that helps YOU achieve what is necessary to restore your vision.  We are used to working hard along with you: we listen, coach, mentor and roll up our sleeves to help you accomplish what is needed.  Our advisor stands beside you, almost as a "business friend", someone who sees the big picture that you do - and who is available whenever and wherever you need  us, whether for a meeting with your Board or Banker, an early morning strategy session before the hectic workday begins, or on the phone just to talk about an idea you are considering or a decision you are making.  While we don't MAKE your decisions, we provide you with the tools and information to help you make solid business decisions and then work with you and your staff to implement those decisions.